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Tipping Point Farm Terms & Conditions

Choosing a TPF Puppy:
We enjoy talking with you about what you are looking for.  We strive to fit the right puppy with the right home so be sure to let us know what you are searching for and what you will be using your puppy for. Animal health and proper management is very important to us.  All puppies are up to date on shots and worming before leaving Tipping Point Farm.

Reserving/Purchasing Your TPF Puppy:
To reserve the option to purchase a Tipping Point Farm puppy, deposits starting at $500 and up are required with the remaining balance due upon the Puppy leaving Tipping Point Farm. If your choice of puppy is not available or if the animal does not meet our standards of quality, we will gladly transfer your deposit to another litter if that is your desire.  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and any money paid on cancelled orders is not refunded.  Prices quoted are for pre-ordered animals and does not include any costs associated with shipping. We do not guarantee these prices for puppies purchased after birth.  As the breeders/owners of these animals, we do reserve the right to keep any animal born and refuse sale to any customer that does not meet our standards.  Please note that many of our dogs are rare color and we cannot guarantee that offspring born will be a certain color.  Animals rejected by buyer due to color is considered a cancelled order. There will be no money refunded once the animals has left Tipping Point Farm for any issues other than those that meet the criteria of our Health Guarantee. If money is attempted to be refunded to buyer without consent of sellers, then the puppy will be forfeited back to Tipping Point Farm with no refund for purchase price of the puppy and all money will be surrendered to Tipping Point Farm, unless other arrangements have been made.

Deposits and Payment:
Deposits on puppies born will hold that puppy until pick-up by the agreed day. Sending a deposit is your guarantee that you will buy that puppy at the agreed upon price quoted within this time frame specified.  Deposits on puppies for sale are accepted at the rate of $500 down per animal
or 25% of the total amount, whichever is greater.  Once a deposit is placed on a puppy, the animal must be picked up or shipped and out of our possession by the time the puppy turns 9 weeks old or the animal may be offered up for sale again or a boarding fee assessed at the rate of $40/day, unless other arrangements are made. No puppy will leave Tipping Point Farm before the age of 8 weeks old. This is a rule and state law that Tipping Point Farm follows and will not negotiate anything earlier than that. Deposits can be transferred to another puppy with agreement between both parties, but all money paid on cancelled orders is not refunded. Cash, cashier's checks, Venmo, money orders and good cleared checks are accepted.  We will hold the registration papers until personal checks clear the bank.

Please make checks or money orders out to:
Michelle Branning

Registering Your Puppy:

All puppies are sold as "pet quality" and without registration unless otherwise noted, discussed, or negotiated. Puppies that are sold with registration will be sold with limited registration or full breeding rights depending on the terms of each individual sale and contract. All puppies registered are required to have the characters “TPF” prior to their name on that puppies registration papers. (Ex. TPF Attila the Hun). In addition these characters will be written into the puppy’s registration prior to leaving Tipping Point Farm. Any puppy not displaying these three characters on their registration papers will be subject to loss of breeding rights and registration of dog.

Taking Your Puppy Home:  
Although we encourage you to pick your puppy up at the farm so that you may view related dogs, this must be done by appointment only because of our work and time commitments.  We realize this may not always be possible so limited delivery can be arranged to the local areas, with or without additional costs.   Let us know your needs well ahead of time so we can make the necessary airline arrangements to ship your new puppy to you out of Cleveland, Ohio Hopkins Airport using the United Pet Safe Airlines Services. All shipping costs, including individual cost of puppy, Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and any related testing needed, shipping crate and shipping fees are to be paid in full by the buyer prior to time of shipping. Note: If buyer sends private shipper to pick up their animal from TPF, We are not responsible for the animal after the shipper has it in their possession.

Buyer May:
1) Send us your clean airline approved crate that is the correct size for your kid/s to be received at least one week prior to the anticipated ship date.
2)  Send us funds so a new crate can be purchased, at cost, for us to ship your puppy to you (you keep the crate.)
3)  As the breeders/owners of these dogs, we do reserve the right to keep any animal born, withdraw from sale an animal that does not meet our quality standards, and refuse sale to any customers that we deem unfit for a puppy from Tipping Point Farm.


TPF Health Guarantee:

Thank you for allowing one of our furry family members to become a part of your family. We ask you to Vet Check your puppy within 72 hours of taking him/her home. Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations and worming. You will be receiving a bag of food to take home with your puppy, if you see signs of stress of hypoglycemia, which consists of loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, and crying a lot, call me immediately. Toy breeds do not have ample reserves. 

            Your puppy is being sold as pet quality. The puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase to be free of congenital defects. If it so happens your puppy has a congenital defect Tipping Point Farm will refund the purchase price of the puppy or replace the puppy. The defect must be documented proof (Testing) from a veterinarian. Tipping Point Farm is not responsible for vet bills. We take great pride in our puppies and ask you to send pictures and updates as your puppy grows.

            At any time you have questions, no matter how “silly” or “stupid” you may think it is, please call or email anytime night or day. We will be happy to answer your question. Are contact information is the following: Call us at: 440-935-7597, Email Us at:, and visit our Website at:



Thanks You,

Tipping Point Farm

Michelle L. Branning                Phone: 440-935-7597

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