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Tipping Point Farm  Pugs

Listed below are all of the dogs that are apart of our breeding program here at Tipping Point Farm. We have a variety of colors ranging anywhere from fawn, to pink, to merle, to panda. For available puppies, please visit our Facebook Page for the most up to date list of puppies.

TPF Wasabi


Coi Female with Blue Eyes

TPF Firefly

Stone Fawn Female

TPF Goddess Durga


Merle Female with Blue Eyes

Choc Till You Drop "Tootsie"

Chocolate Female

TPF Now You See Me


Long Haired Fawn Female

TPF Tojas


AKC White Female

TPF The Great Pumpkin


AKC Silver Female

TPF Princess Ana


AKC White Female

TPF Pink Penelope


Pink Female

Elk's Von Termel Mopsco


AKC Fawn Female

Emma's Von Termel Mopsco


AKC Fawn Female

TPF Butter Bean


AKC Fawn Male

TPF Matilda


Merle Female

TPF Bear


Black Long Haired Male

Chubby Da Panda


Panda Male

TPF Fortune Teller


Coi Male Pug with Blue Eyes

TPF Attilia The Hun


AKC White Male

TPF The Mad Hatter


AKC Fawn Male (Quad Carrier)

TPF Willy Wonka


Chocolate and Tan Male

TPF Jack of Hearts


Black and Tan Male

Michelle L. Branning                Phone: 440-935-7597

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